Contao handles news via news archives in the back end. Among a lot of functions for the handling of your news the most important ones are the title, a teaser text, a full text, images or the publishing date.

With only four modules you can create different outputs for your news articles. The Newslist adds a simple list of news items to the page. Different templates also enabke you to style the output. If you would like to direct visitors of your page to the corresponding full news article of a given news item you need to integrate the Newsreader. News can also be sorted using the modules News Archive. The News Archive menu makes the news archive more accessible by generating a navigation menu to enable a visitor to browse the news archive.

ZAPF Garagenwerk Ebenhausen
ZAPF Garagenwerk Ebenhausen

ZAPF legt Grundstein für neue Werkshalle

Garagenhersteller baut Standort in Baar-Ebenhausen für mehrere Millionen Euro aus...

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